A Modern Scrap Car Disposal Company & Recycling Centre

Since we started in 2013 as a modern auto recycling and scrap car removal company to help peoples get rid off their unwanted vehicles for cash in a simple a hassle free way. Now after 5 years of amazing experience in this industry we are one of the leading auto disposal company and scrapyard in the community, using modern and cutting edge technology to keep track of our orders, tow truck drivers and customer feedback to ensure on time and pickup reliable service. We guarantee best price in cash on the spot.

Certified and licensed to serve you professionally

We are professional fully certified and licensed scrap car removal service and auto wreckers in scrap car removal Mississauga Ontario, Canada.

If You, our customers are happy so we are

We also make sure that our customers are happy by giving them a better price and best service.

We are doing business, the right way

All our tow trucks are fully loaded with all necessary tools and our drivers are well trained & experienced to deal with all kind of situations to removal your vehicles.